Monday, 30 March 2015

Current favourite nail varnish

This is the nail varnish i have been wearing a lot recently. 

Barry M Vintage Violet 436

Its a brownish purple. This colour is more suited for the autumn months, but I discovered it at the end of winter so I will be wearing it for some of spring as well.

One layer of this nail varnish matches the colour it seems in the bottle. Two coats of it is much darker. 

In the image below I have 2 coats of the nail polish on so you can see what its like in the bottle and with two coats.

I haven't been wearing an accent nail like I usually would with this nail varnish, but I don't think this colour needs breaking up by an accent nail as a nude shade would.


  1. Very lovely post dear:)
    xoxo Antonella <3

  2. Love this choco color!