Saturday, 14 March 2015

All about the nude lipstick

Recently I've been loving wearing nude lips. The types of nudes I wear are more brown and pink shades rather than the pale skin colour nudes.

This is quite odd for me as i don't usually go for nudes, and i normally wear matte lipsticks. However, these are all moisturising lipsticks. I have mainly been reaching for these because they are easy to apply and no precision is needed as it is for a red or pink lip. I have also been using moisturising lipsticks because as you would have seen if you read by blog post a couple of weeks ago, I've been getting really dry lips.

Here are the nude lipsticks i have been wearing a lot recently;
From L to R; Rimmel lasting finish in 077 Asia, Rimmel moisture renew in 720 Notting Hill nude, Rimmel moisture renew in 180 Vintage pink.

Nail varnish: Barry M in lychee.


  1. If I can be bothered to wear a lipstick at all, it's definitely a nude shade as well ^_^
    I especially like the look of the Rimmel lipstick in the middle!
    And btw, I love your nail polish :D

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