Friday, 3 April 2015

Healthy food & drink snacks

Im not the healthiest person, but I try to eat healthier options when I can.

Snacks are really important throughout the day when you are feeling a little bit peckish between meal times. 

Healthier snacks such as fruit and cereal bars can give short releasing energy which will make you feel more awake, energetic, motivated and able to concentrate for longer.

Sugary snacks such as chocolate bars and energy drinks will give a quick fix of energy but will only last a short amount of time and will leave you feeling unmotivated and usually more tired than before. 

Below are some snacks that I enjoy eating. I haven't included pictures of all of the snacks that I enjoy as I don't have them at the minute to take a picture of. But they include; nuts, dried fruit, 100% fruit juices and others.

I also love drinking coffee throughout the day, especially at college as I find a hit of caffeine can make me feel more awake for a while and I also really enjoy drinking it.

Nature Valley sweet & nutty bar, Cadbury brunch bar, banana and a cup of tea

Innocent Smoothie: strawberry & banana and mango & passion fruit

Hummus, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks

Innocent Super Smoothie

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