Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Haircare: past and present

Just like every girl, when their hair starts to become greasy in their early teens, we think 'the more we wash it, the more it will go away'.... not!

After about a year of washing my hair every single day i finally broke the chain and knew i couldn't keep doing it. I knew what was good for my hair and what wasn't, but i couldn't think of anything worse than walking around with greasy hair. Especially at school when i felt everyone who looked at me was judging me.

Once realising that i shouldn't care about what anyone else thought, i started to wash my hair every other day. I soon got into the habit of this. I know your hair takes a while to get used to a change in your routine, but i persevered. Around 3 years of washing it every other day and my hair slightly getting used to it although I've always had oily hair i decided to go one step further and wash it every 3 days. 

I have been washing it every 3 days for probably 3 or 4 months now. I find i need dry shampoo on the second day and then a little bit more on the third day. My hair differs so much each time i wash it that i never know what it will be like next - some days my hair will look so greasy on the third day, and other times it will look like its been washed on the third day.

Ive changed tried many shampoos over the years including; Tresemme, Pantene, Elvive and many others. I am currently using and liking the Timotei shampoo and conditioner for normal to greasy hair. Its a lightweight product that thoroughly cleans the hair and leaves it feeling so soft.


  1. I have the exact same hair as you, it gets so oily! But slowly I'm washing it less and less, and to be honest my hair feel quite stronger :) also, whenever I feel like it's too greasy I just throw it up in a ponytail or maybe a braid or something like that!
    You have a really lovely blog, you really deserve more followers! I'm a new one and I can't wait for your new posts. xx

    1. Thank you so much!! :) can't wait to have a look at your blog! XX

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    1. Can you stop posting this on all of my posts please.