Sunday, 22 March 2015


Ive always liked smoothies, but recently I have been drinking them so much. I buy the smoothies that just contain fruit so that nothing artificial is added - innocent smoothies are my favourite.

They are so delicious and healthy as they contribute to two of your five a day if you have just one glass. Its a really easy way of helping you eat or drink your five a day as I know some people find it hard to eat fruit and vegetable each day.

As well as eating balanced meals with vegetables, and fruit as snacks throughout the day, I'm able to eat five or more fruit and vegetable portions a day.

I have looked into making my own smoothies in the past, and have nearly bought myself a blender/juicer but I don't think I would get enough use out of it as I don't have many days when I'm at home all day so I think it would be a waste of money. 

My favourite flavour of innocent smoothies is mango and passion fruit.
Do you have a favourite flavour smoothie?


  1. I love smoothies! I've recently been really into green smoothies, which can sometimes look a little bit like swamp water, but they're always delicious. I'll normally add spinach, kale, pineapple and apples, and either oat milk or water depending on my mood. So delicious!

    Maxine, xo

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  3. Great post! I really want to try some of these smoothies! Especially since their is nothing artificial in them. :D

  4. Ooo these look so good, I'm really into smoothies at the moment, especially with summer fast approaching!

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    Fleur x