Monday, 30 April 2018

Time Out - Fritton Arms

My self and my mum went on a spontaneous night away last Friday. 

We stayed at the Fritton Arms which is a luxe hotel in the middle of the countryside. It was very last minute and due to certain circumstances it wasn't planned, but it wasn't too far from home so we went for it. We took our dogs with us, and they were able to stay in our apartment as it was pet friendly. We didn't get much sleep because the dogs did really understand what was happening so they didn't keep still all night!

The apartment we stayed in had a single room, a double room, a bathroom and another room with a sofa in.

Its important to take time out of an everyday hectic lifestyle. Whether thats doing something you don't usually do, going on a spa day, enjoying an afternoon tea, making time for a coffee with a friend, or treating yourself to something like a night away.

Looking after your wellbeing and health is one of the most important things. No one else can look after that apart from yourself as you are the only one know truly knows how you are feeling on the inside. Even if you don't feel like you particularly need or deserve a treat or to do something you normally wouldn't, you could be surprised at how rejuvenated you feel after, and you could realise that maybe thats actually exactly what you needed. 

Saturday, 28 April 2018

My 21st Birthday

My 21st birthday was on the 9th April. 

It was really chilled, and spent at home with a meal out with my family. I didn't want to do anything too extravagant and was happy to be at home as for my 19th birthday i was in Newquay in Cornwall, and last year for my 20th birthday i was travelling all day on my way back from Sydney, Australia. 

I received some lovely gifts and was truly spoilt. 

Here are some snapshots from the day.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

A week in photos // Brisbane Edit

After 3 months of life on the road in Australia we dropped off our camper van and checked in to our Airbnb in Wooloowin for a week, before flying back home to the UK. 
It's going to consist of rejuvenation and good food!


^Airbnb Rainforest garden @ Wooloowin

^The Wheel of Brisbane

^The Wheel of Brisbane 

^South Bank

^Coco Bliss acai bowl

^Brisbane Airport

...until next time Brisbane. 

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Quick & Easy Guide To Choosing An Airbnb.

Airbnb is a fairly new revelation. The idea behind it is you can stay in a house/apartment, room or shared room that somebody else owns. This is supposed to be cheaper than a hotel. The beauty of Airbnb is that you can actually have the opportunity to stay in a lot of undiscovered places that aren't built up so therefore don't have hotels in the area. 
The Airbnb website is great, and they also have an app which is really easy to use - but I've noticed it doesn't have all the features and options the web page offers...

How to choose the right Airbnb for me

1. Once I know where I'm going, I will input the destination and the dates. This will display all of the Airbnbs that I could chose from - as they are available for he dates I've selected. 

2. Next i filter the available airbnbs down by changing the amount of guests and the price. The price indicator allows you to see the average Airbnb price per night. But you can move the control bar up and down to suit what you want to pay. I now also select which type of Airbnb I want to stay in. Eg, Entire place. 

3. A variety of Airbnbs will now be displayed. This is where you can be picky and filter down the options even more by tailoring the place to your needs. This could be; wifi, parking space, a bath, en suite, washing machine etc. 

4. At this point you may of found a few you like the look at. My top tips at this stage would be to read reviews on the host to see what other guests have said about their Airbnb, look on the map to see where it is - is one closer to the train station you need to be near?, look into the price breakdown - are there any extra payments such as a cleaning fee?

5. Have a last comparison. Look closely at the photos as pictures can lie! You can always contact the host to ask any questions you may have and show your interest in their Airbnb. But also look at their response - do they respond quickly? Are they polite and professional? Their response will also say a lot about the place you will stay in. 

I use Airbnb a lot, especially in different countries. It can make travelling and visiting different places so much more unique. You can really tailor the place you stay in to your exact needs. Airbnb is only growing, which means there's more and more apartments and rooms being added to the website and app. It's a really good hack for staying somewhere on a budget as you can select exactly how much you want to spend and see what options are available. 

Friday, 19 January 2018

Day 74 - 80 Returning the Campervan after 3 months!

Day 74 - 13th January 
Today we moved sites again, to a place called Beachmere. We booked in for 5 nights as we are close to Brisbane now for the drop off of our camper. 
We were a little disappointed when we got to our powered site though as we looked on the map of the camp site to see no swimming pool. There was one advertised on this site which is the main reason we chose to come here. 
It has been swealtering hot today, the tide was so far out and the beach was full of crabs so we couldn't go there. 
We went to Bribie Island which is a 30 minute drive from here. One site of the beach was completely still and murky water. And the other side was SO chopping and dangerous with sand flying everywhere! There were 10 life guards on duty at the sea that side so I think that proves how unsafe it was!
There's no shade here either so we are hoping tomorrow is a little cooler. 

Day 75 - 14th January
We drove to Redcliffe with the idea in mind to spend the day there. As we arrived we instantly knew we wouldn't be too impressed with the beach! Instead of the gorgeous white, soft sand we had been experiencing at places like Byron Bay and Jervis Bay the sand was really grainy and looked quite dirty with washed up seaweed, sticks and leaves everywhere. Nethertheless we had a dip in the (still and murky) sea as it was so hot and sticky so we needed to cook off! We had a good chat on the beach about things we want to do and achieve when we are back home. My partner will be looking for a job with one potentially lined up, and I'm getting the feeling I'm in need of a change as well. We will see what happens when we are home but my ideas usually get a bit carried away, then I end up disappointed!
There's really high winds this evening so the camper is swaying a lot. I'm hoping no trees fall near us!


Day 76 - 15th January
Another day at Beachmere. 
We did our usual shop at IGA for the ingredients we need for tonight's meal. (That sounds much better than reality!) we've run out of ideas of what we can cook and every meal just seems so boring to us now! There's a max of about 5 or 6 meals we cook in the camper as we are limited. And I think we've over done it on every meal option now! There's only so much pasta one person can eat!!
It's been much cooler today which is so nice, it's still sunny but not muggy at all and nice and breezy!!
We got a quiche (for me) and a pie (for ben) at the bakery near IGA so that was breakfast/lunch. Nice to have something different and it feels like such a treat! It's the small things! 
I did a massive clean of the camper today in preparation to hand it back in just a few days time. Sad times. 

Day 77 - 16th January 
Another day relaxing in Beachmere. Such a strange little town everyone seems to know everyone! Even the people at the caravan site seem so strange around us. Makes us feel a little uneasy at times!
Had another sort out and clean up of the camper in preparation to return it soon. We need to find out where we can hoover it and wash the outside though. 
Feeling very apprehensive about going back to normality after such a long and lovely time and break away from it all. It will be so strange - this is our reality now and I don't want it to end!


Day 78 - 17th January 
We were relaxing on the camp chairs outside the campervan when a man walked over. He gave us a business card and said we could go to his house and use his pool, it's just him there....
We of course thanked him. Then looked at each other because we both thought it was weird. It could of been just a nice gesture but in this day and age you can never be too careful. 
He even returned a second time in a different car to ask if we were coming or not. As much as we wanted a dip in the pool right now we are not idiots and would not be going to a strangers house - however pleasant they may seem. 
We cleaned the inside and outside of the camper today at an actual car wash! It's looking sparkly clean. Just one more day left after today! 
A really nice couple have parked next to us for the night in Beachmere. We've sat outside all evening chatting and drinking beer. I can't believe it's our second from last night and we are finally having a. It if interaction and conversation with another human in the same situation! 

^Cleaning the wagon ready for returning! 

Day 79 - 18th January
We left Beachmere and headed to Samford Showgrounds via Margate beach for a last beach sunbathe of the trip. 
I can't believe tonight is our last night in the camper. It has gone SO quickly and it all seems like a blur now which is really sad. I think as soon as you get used to anything, it becomes second nature and the beauty of it goes a little bit. We settled into the campervan very quickly and now it seems gone in a flash!
It's so sad to be packing up all of our items and emptying the cupboards and fridge. I will miss this van a lot!

^Margate Beach

Day 80 - 19th January GOODBYE CAMPER!
We got up early to have a final clean of the camper and to pack all of the last minute bits up. 
We spent around 3 hours in a park near our Airbnb before it was time to check in. 
It felt so strange to get into an apartment. Even sat in the park we both said how we felt almost free. Even though we loved the camper adventures so much. 
I'd taken full advantage of having a bath! And I'm so excited to sleep in a huge comfy bed tonight. 
We ordered pizza which was amazing and felt like such a treat. Happy days!