Friday, 24 November 2017

Day 18-23. Blue Mountains,Jervis Bay & Canberra

Day 18 - 18th November
We went to Echo point lookout on the Blue Mountains. It was very foggy so hard to see anything. But once it cleared a little we could see the Three Sisters mountains. We walked to them which was along a path and then very steep steps going down. It was so scary! Especially because the steps were metal and slippery from the rain! 
We are staying at another campsite in the Blue Mountains tonight. Hoping the weather clears up soon because I'm so ready for some sun now! 

Day 19 - 19th November
Today marks 2 months until we give back the campervan. I guess that's still a while, but I already feel about the fact that it's going so quickly. Don't get me wrong, I miss the luxuries of a hot shower, clean bed sheets, my family & dogs, my car and electricity... but I don't want the experience of a lifetime to ever end! I don't want to say it in past tense. 
Anyway, lets make the most of it! Today we did a food shop at Aldi. This started as a weekly thing spending $40. Now we seem to do two a week, usually at $40 each, but today it came to over $70 ooops! There goes the budget. 
We stopped at a bakery on the way back from the food shop and got some pastries and rolls for breakfast (just carrying on the spending!) then headed back to the camp site as stayed at 2 nights ago as this is more on the route out as the plan is to leave the Blue Mountains tomorrow. 
Ben introduced me to the game 'hungry shark' and we are both addicted! Tonight we have a steak din dins with fried potatoes and coleslaw which we are very excited about. And of course, some tim tams later! Yay. 

Day 20 - 20th November 
We headed out of the Blue Mountains and towards Wollongong. 
On the way we stopped off at Bulli Lookout to take some photos. I had a wee here and then saw a lizard sharing the toilet with me! I don't think I even flushed I wanted to get out of there so badly!! 
We went to a beach just below called Bombo. It was so lovely as it was really quite - just a few surfers and us. I soaked up as much sun as I could before ben got itchy feet. We went for a wander along the cliff at the side of the beach and took some amazing photos. 
After this we went to a bottle shop to stock up on beers! This time we ditched the 'Gold Lager' and went for 'Victoria Bitter'. It feels like an upgrade. Hahah. 
We also went to a bakery and shared the most amazing pastry, creamy, fruity thing! It was so good. 

^Bulli Lookout

^Bombo Beach

^The most amazing treat from a bakery!

Day 21 - 21st November 
We went back to Bombo Beach quite early on. We cooked some breakfast here and had a little chill before heading to Jervis Bay. The beaches around Jervis Bay are beautiful the whitest sand I've seen. The sea was very choppy but so clear and turquoise. We had such fun here in the sea!
We then drove down further to Milton Showgrounds where we will be staying tonight $25 for a powered site. 

Day 22 - 22nd November
I can't believe how quick this is going. Each day is so amazing I never want it to end. 
We left the Showgrounds and headed to Batemans Bay. We sat at Surfs Beach which was really hot but a slight breeze on the beach, it made it so nice to just sit and not get too hot! 
Ben and I sat on the beach for a couple of hours and had some really lovely chats about life! 
We cooked some cheese toasties for lunch (we've mastered making these in a frying pan now!)
Then headed on the B52 to a free camp site. It's about half way to Canberra which is perfect for tomorrow. 

^Malua Bay at Batemans Bay

Day 23 - 23rd November
We arrived in Canberra and went straight to the War Memorial. This was recommended to us by a local man we have met along the way- and we are so glad he did. 
It was so moving and touching going somewhere like this, I felt really emotional throughout our visit there. There is so much to see and read, you could quote easily spend all day here. 
After this we headed back to the same rest area we stayed at last night as it's on the road in/out of Canberra. We didn't see much of Canberra but felt it wasn't so easy to take a Campervan into the city centre. We are really glad that we at least visited Canberra for a short while. Another place to tick off the list. 

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