Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Day 4-7. Hervey Bay, Noosa and Sunshine Coast

Day 4 - 4th November:
We headed back down the coast and aborted mission to head to Cairns. We probably should of thought of this sooner but we found it very hot in the camper at night and as we headed further north the temperature would only get hotter. Cairns is also so far away that we felt so much time would be spent on the road as opposed to exploring and seeing as much as we could. 
So with this in mind we headed back to Hersey Bay where we were a couple of days ago. We really loved it here so wanted to spend a bit more time there. We treated ourselves to a subway as basic rations in the camper were getting a bit tedious! We then parked along the coast near Urangan. We walked all the way to the end of Urangan Pier. After this we bought some chips near by and headed to an off road car park for the night. 

Day 5 - 5th November:
We woke up around 5.30am and quickly moved as we were paranoid about where we stayed!! 
I FaceTimed my mum and dad back home who were wrapped up in scarfs back home! That's a bit of a difference to the 25+ degrees we are experiencing here!!
We went just down the road to a car park and had a coffee on the park. We met a local man walki his dogs who stopped and chatted to us for ages. He gave us lots of local knowledge and informed us about the pier we walked down yesterday as he renovated it a few years ago. 
Ben wanted to watch the UFC fight that afternoon so we found a sports bar, I happily sat in the shade and drank lemonade!
Then it was my turn to do something so we went and got frozen yogurt, my favourite!
We headed to the nearest free camp site from Hervey Bay which was in Tiaro. This camp site even had free hot showers which seems a luxury when you're living in a campervan!

Day 6 - 6th November 
We left the campsite around 9am and headed to Noosa where we spent a few hours. We parked down the end at Park Road car park at the beginning of the National Park for anyone thinking of going here - it's an ideal place to park but everyone has the same idea, so expect to do several laps of the car park before finding a space. 
We walked along the coastal path and stopped at a couple of beaches along the way. It's such a stunning, picturesque place. The weather was fairly overcast which worked in our favour as if he t was any hotter it probably would of been unbearable! We stopped at the cafe on the way back and I had a cappuccino which was amazing after almost a week with just instant coffee (torture for a coffee addict)
We then planned to stay at Belli Creek camp site. But after the bloody satnav (that we both want to throw out of the window) sent us round the houses we ended up nearer to Glenview where we spent our very first night in the camper. 

Day 7 - 7th November:

Today we had our usual morning coffee on our camp chairs outside the campervan, one of my favourite thins to do this trip! We left and headed to Dicky Bay on the Sunshine Coast. Spent the morning here which was lovely. We had a swim in the sea, a sunbathe and breakfast on the beach (an apple and a blueberry muffin from Aldi!!...) after this we had a shower at the beach and made Thai green chicken curry for lunch. It was actually really nice and we were surprised how creative we can actually be with basic food and 2 stoves! 
There was a thunder and lightening storm at the beach. So we headed back to the camper and decided to make our way to the camp site we would be staying at this evening - Wyllie Park rest area. 

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