Monday, 13 November 2017

Day 8-12. Byron Bay, Mt Coot Tha & Nimbin

Day 8 - 8th November
We spent the morning at Mount Coot Tha. We went to the lookout point and took some amazing photos as we could see the whole of Brisbane city. It was fairly cloudy. But luckily the clouds weren't too low. 
Just a 5 minute drive down the road and round the mountain slightly is. J C Slaughter Falls. We walked for around 15 minutes to the waterfall and were slightly disappointed to see virtually no water as it had pretty much dried up. Nether the less we climbed around the rocks of the waterfall and took photos of the Aboriginal art paintings on the rocks. As we walked to the camper we saw around 8 police cars pull up and some officers and detectives walk up the paths we wondered what was going on here! 
We stayed the night at Tullys rest area. 

^ The view from Mount Coot Tha summit lookout

^ Aboriginal art on the rocks

Day 9 - 9th November 
We left the rest area and headed to Palm Beach just below the Gold Coast. We were originally going to go to the Gold Coast beach but then realised it's actually a city with a beach... we didn't want to be driving our campervan around a city! We are trying to go to more undiscovered places and explore the true beauty of Australia. It was fairly windy and actually rained whilst we were at the beach. What's going on with the weather here recently ?!?!
Next stop was Nimbin which is the 'hemp capital' of Australia where they have legalised medical marijuana. It was like stepping into a different world! Every thing is so colourful and hippie-like! 
We are staying at Nimbin Showgrounds which is a paid campsite - $20 for 2 people with power which is great. 
We found out that the police were at Mount Coot Tha yesterday because human remains had been found found by bush walkers surveying the area to build a zip line for ITV show I'm A Celeb.

-my thoughts go out to the family & friends of the body that was found and I hope this brings some sort of closure. 

^Palm Beach


Day 10 - 10th November
We have spend another day in Nimbin. It's nice to be somewhere for a couple of days and finally taking a slower pace. 
We didn't do much other than get coffee and go to the laundrette! 
The weather was all over the place, it was hot then rainy. Although we are trying to make the most of this time as it will be soo hot soon. 
Oh, and we saw our first kangaroo of the trip! Bouncing along in our campsite. 

Day 11 - 11th November
Nothing new to report as we stayed in Nimbin again! It's nice for Ben to have a break from driving, and what better place to fully relax than a hippie town? 

Day 12 - 12th November 
We left the hippie town! And headed to Byron Bay. Such a well talked about town so we were so intrigued to see what it had to offer. 
I would describe it as a very touristy area by overseas visitors as well as Australians holidaying there too. It's massive on surfing and it was so fun to watch all the surfers catching the waves! We had a little sunbathe and to be honest it was SO nice to feel some heat on our skin after a few days feeling a bit cold! We also had a swim in the sea which was actually so fun considering I hate getting splashed in the face by vigorous waves! The waves were more like moving bumps in the sea and they just lifted you up as they got to you. None of that rolling-wave-spashed-face situation !
Onto New Italy rest area for the night which is a free camp site. 

^All photos above are of the main beach at Byron Bay

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