Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Day 24-30 Narooma and Phillip Island

Day 24 - 24th November
Today we left the camp site near Canberra and heading on the road out towards Batemans Bay. We went along the coastal road to a place called Narooma. We had a little chill before going on the search for a public shower. Sometimes these are easy to find, but other days like today it proved harder. We ended up going to a swimming pool to use the showers. We paid $5.20 each for entry to the pool. Then had a long shower after. This was worth it as it had been a few days (gross I know!).
Tonight we are staying at a free camp site in Delmany near Narooma. 

^Bar Beach in North Narooma 

Day 25- 25th November
Today we drove for a couple of hours to a place called Tathra. My boyfriend bought a skateboard yesterday so he went to the skatepark which was right on the beach, and I sunbathed on the beach! Tried to go in the sea but it was SO icy cold! Which is so crazy considering the weather is so hot. But I guess after summer the sea will be warmed up. 
My boyfriend left his phone at the side whilst he skated, came to the beach to see me then realised he left it there. It wasn't there when he went back. He asked the young boys there who said they saw it on the side but aren't sure where it is. I gave one of them my number to call me if it 'turns up'. We logged into find my iPhone on my phone and played the annoying beep. The boys then came over with the phone and said it was 'in a bush'. How strange !... but at least we got it back. 

 ^Tathra Beach

Day 26 - 26th November 
Today we had a chilled morning before leaving the campsite to endure another longish journey. 
After a couple of hours we arrived in a place called Marlo which is in Victoria! We've made it across 3 states!
Marlo looked so stunning from the pictures, but sadly it was overcast and started to drizzle. This was so disappointing because the beaches looked so untouched and picturesque. If it was a nice hot day this would be amazing. Hopefully we can stop here on our journey back up to Brisbane. 
We went to a free camp site 30 minutes away in Murrengower where we had a chilled after noon and an early evening meal. 


Day 27 - 27th November 
Today started off very cold and rainy again. We drove for a couple of hours to a town called Bairnsdale where we got a coffee and did our laundry! The man who ran the laundrette was from Greece, he was so friendly and nice! He started talking to us in German because he thought we were German. It was so funny we didn't know what he was saying!
After this we headed to the camp site and had a chilled afternoon. 
The sun came out in the afternoon so we sat outside for a little while - before the flies took over and were EVERYWHERE!
Hopefully we can find a nice beach tomorrow. 

Day 28 - 28th November
We went to a beach called Golden Beach. It was really nice weather so we had a few beers on the beach in the sun! 
We wanted to swim in the sea, but as we walked closed we saw lots of white washed up things with what looked like blood in it. We think they were jelly fishes as we also heard other people say that. 
In the end we didn't go in the sea! It's a shame, but it would of probably been cold as it seems that way the more South we travel!
Tonight we are staying at a free camp site called Minneha'ha Falls campground which is lovely! It's in the country side, we have hills all around us with sheep on! Theres even a waterfall right next to us and we have the whole place to ourselves!
In a couple of days time we should be in Melbourne which is very exiting. Then our journey back up to Brisbane begins- this part should be more chilled as we have travelled south in just over a month and have two more months to go back up!

^Our spot for the night - all to ourselves at Hiawatha. 

^Minneha'ha Falls

Day 29 - 29th November 
Today we drove across what felt like North Yorkshire! So hilly with sheep and cows everywhere. It was lovely. 
We went to a place in Agnes to have a shower (luckily we found free ones in public toilets!) we also treated ourselves to some chips here. The town felt so weird and eary here it was so strange. No one was about it was completely dead. Apart from one man who got out of a lorry and walked about in his shirt and boxers ??!
It was SO hot today. And it was so annoying that we weren't near a beach to cool off in the sea. Definitely the hottest day we've had so far! 
We are staying at a free camp site on the M1 called Longwarry which is set back a little from the main road. 

Day 30 - 30th November 
Our friend from England is staying near Melbourne for a while, so this morning we went to the farm he is staying at to see him. 
It was so hot again this morning. We found a camp site for $33 on Phillip Island which we were told is beautiful. 
We arrived on Phillip Island and somehow arrived at the wrong campsite. We went to one right next to the one we had in mind. It was only after booking in and looking on the map for the swimming pool (which we couldn't find) that we realised we were at a diffenent site! This was so frustrating as it was no ones fault but our own and we ended up paying nearly $40 as we couldn't work out why this was more than it originally said?!  
Nevertheless we are parked in a beautiful location - right on the beach. 
There's supposed to be a thunderstorm tonight which I'm secretly looking forward to watching over the sea from our little camper!

^Dusk on Cowes Beach at Phillip Island 

I can't believe December is here tomorrow. This is definitely the best November I've ever had and one I'll forver remember. 
We've had some challenges along the way with not everything working in our favour, but all in all it's been the most amazing experience so far. I can't quite believe we picked up the campervan 30 days ago today.
It's very strange that I would be freezing back home at the moment! It's even snowed a little back home which makes me realise how far from reality I am at the moment!!
I'm feeling quite sad that the trip has gone so quickly so far, but I guess 'time flies when you're having fun'. And to say I'm having fun be an understatement. 

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