Saturday, 18 November 2017

Day 13-17. Coffs Harbour & Diamond Beach

Day 13 - 13th November
We had a rude awakening by workmen who bombarded our camp area with lorries and trucks at 6am. They were tree surgeons. :( one man even started revving his chainsaw! Not a happy bunny. 
We headed to a beach just past Coffs Harbour and had breakfast; scrambled eggs and beans. Our bread had gone off so no toast/fried bread this morning. 
We then went to a beach at Sawtell for a few hours. The sea was so choppy but the sun was gorgeous. 
We treated ourselves to rump steak for our evening meal. And it didn't disappoint!
Tonight we are staying at Roses rest area which is a free camp site. It's really lovely and grassy, and everyone camping around us has said hello and made a real effort to have conversations, something we haven't experienced much from other travellers so far!
(Apart from the man in the BMW who has just pulled up RIGHT next to us and is in arms reach! Why 😩?)

^Sawtell Beach

Day 14 - 14th November
We left a the camp site and drove to Nambucca Heads for some breakfast. We had a little chill and grabbed a takeaway coffee before heading to Crescent Heads. We made the most of the clear sea and even had a little tan before using the public showers. Although they were cold showers they were really lovely and clean & modern which was all we could want. 
We then prepared for another 2 hour drive to a camp site in Coopernook forest. This is a free camp site and is in a well maintained field in the middle of the woods. Lots of mosquitos here so the mozzie net will definitely be up tonight! 

^Crescent Heads

Day 15 - 15th November
After a 45 minute drive we arrived at Diamond Beach. We made some cheese toasties in the camper by the beach then wandered to the beach for a lovely chill. It was quite windy but this was nice as it meant we could sit out for a while and not get too hot. The sea was so cold and choppy so we didn't go in. We drove around the bay to hopefully go in the sea at the next beach - Black Head Beach (unfortunate name!) but there was so much washed up seaweed that we didn't fancy it!
We used the public showers for a quick rinse and then headed to Buladelah for the free camp area. 
We parked up then walked up to the local butcher and supermarket to get some bits and bobs to make burgers. Such a nice change from pasta!

^Diamond Beach 

Day 16 - 16th November
We drove to Wangi Wangi in the morning and expected to have a beach day. We (I) did research wrong and it was just one of thoughts weird shaped coves that is rocky with water around. So no beach at all! It was so disappointing though as it was fairly overcast. 
We were going to stay in a free camp site near by but looked into it more and it was down a forest track which wouldn't of been good for us in our campervan! We bit the bullet and drove a little further than expected to Gosford Greyhound track where we will be staying tonight for $25. This means we are now closer to Sydney. So hopefully tomorrow we can head to the blue mountains and try to avoid the city centre of Sydney. 

^ Wangi Wangi 

Day 17 - 17th November

We took it easy today. After a 2 hour drive to a free camp site on the Blue Mountains we chilled there all afternoon. We had some lunch and just relaxed, which is something that hasn't happened much this holiday. Although we've laid on a lot of beaches we've also lived at a fast pace and haven't slept properly because it's so strange being somewhere different every single night. 
I think we are both shattered and need to remember to relax a little and take one thing at a time! 

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