Thursday, 14 December 2017

Day 37 - 43 Hyams Beach, Wentworth Falls & Crescent Head

Day 37 - 7th December
Finally some gorgeous hot weather. We woke up fairly early, got ready quickly and headed to Hyams Beach. We had such a lovely morning in the sun. The water was still fairly cold (or 'icy' as we like to say!) but we managed to have a couple of dips. We even saw dolphins in the sea which were fairly close to us. At least I hope they were dolphins and not sharks! Haha. 

^Hyams Beach

Day 38 - 8th December
We drove for nearly 4 hours today to the camp site we stayed at already a couple of times at the Blue Mountains. Near Sydney there's a lack of free camp sites, so in order to get around Sydney as quick as possible this is what we decided to do. 
There's a free shower at this camp site so it's nice to have a good wash!!! Although I think I'm a little too-used to cold showers now!

Day 39 - 9th December 
We spent the morning at Wentworth Falls in Katoomba. It was fairly misty as the clouds were low and we were quite high up, but they shifted fairly quickly. 
Whilst we were there we walked all the way down to the falls, it took around 40minutes in total. There were lots of viewing platforms along the way so it was nice to stop and take some pictures. 
Going back uphill was quite hard and I think my legs are going to ache tomorrow! But good to have some exercise! 
We are currently trying to find an Airbnb for a few days at Christmas. We found a lovely one last night 20 minutes from Byron Bay, I spoke to the lady to check that the parking space provided would fit our hi-top camper. She reversed the dates for us and I got an email to say I had until 6am the next morning to accept the booking. I tried to do it there and then and the dates were no longer available. We then looked at that apartment on her availability calendar and it was booked from the 22nd all the way through, so we think someone else gave her a better offer than us! Charming!!
I've found another on the Gold Coast near the beach, and again just waiting for confirmation our camper will fit, let's hope we have better luck this time. 

^Wentworth Falls at the Blue Mountains 

Day 40 - 10th December
We left the Blue Mountains National Park and endured on a long 4 hour journey to Bulahdelah which is where we stayed previously for one night on our way down here. 
Once arriving we got out the camp chairs and sat for ages in the shade chatting and drinking beer. 
We made pasta bolognese for dinner tonight, we haven't had this in a little while so it's nice to have something different. 
It's been fairly hot today which is lovely, but not so nice when driving!
The camp area is self-contained only, and we don't have a toilet in our camper so I hope we don't get kicked out! I wasn't worried about this before but we are in view of the road on the bridge this time so hopefully no one will notice us! 

Day 41 - 11th December 
We had such a nice day sunbathing and doing so much swimming! We really made the most of the sea not being cold, I hope this is a common thing as we travel North again. 
We are staying here in Crescent Head tonight at a paid campsite for $43 a night. We may even stay for two nights. It's fairly expensive for camp sites as it's quite basic but I think any customer here is mainly paying for the beautiful location as it's so stunning. We are right on the cliff next to the beach. 

^The view just 20m from our campervan *left*


Day 42 - 12th December 
Another beautiful day in crescent head. 
So much time was spent jumping and diving into waves in the sea! 
How can a day involving; sun, sea, hot showers, steak, ice lollies & sprite be any better? I've definitely learnt to appreciate the smaller things around me. 
However we did both have a small mishap; on the way back from the beach we have to cross a smaller part almost a river from the sea. It's over waste high and has a few rocks before the slope where the life boat enters. Both of us cut our feet on something in the rocks, I'm not sure if it was the shells attached to the rocks (possibly muscles?) that were broken and sharp. Or whether it was glass. Both of us had one bleeding and stinging foot each! We needed to clean them asap and get some antiseptic cream on. But all is well, that didn't ruin our fab day! 

^Crescent Head 

Day 43 - 13th December
Another beautiful day in Creacent Head. 
It was a little windy today, but still hot so it was nice and bearable. 
The first time we went into the sea we saw a big jelly fish so both of up quickly ran out! After a little while longer in the sun we needed to cool off in the sea. Lots of people were in there, so we braved it!
Both of our feet are sore from the cuts yesterday and sand in them probably didn't help, but the plasters didn't want to stay on!

^Crescent Head beach

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