Sunday, 24 December 2017

Day 44 - 50. Nimbin, Byron Bay & Sapphire Beach

Day 44 - 14th December
Today we left Crescent Head. This felt bitter sweet as we were excited to go to the next place and continue the adventure but sad to be leaving a beautiful place. 
We headed for Burnett Park which is a free camp site - stopping at Woolworths for our food shop on the way. 
We stayed a couple of hours at the camp site. It was getting so hot and the camper was just boiling. We were yearning for the fan!
We decided to skip this place for the night and instead go back to Nimbin which was the journey for tomorrow. 
At least here we have electricity for the fan and it's not expensive. 
After arriving in Nimbin we had a walk up to the town and went to the bar for a beer. It was nice to sit down in the beer garden and do something that felt a little normal! 

Day 45 - 15th December
We spent another day today in Nimbin. 
The weather has been so hot, it's a shame we aren't near a beach to cool off in the sea. 
We had a really chilled day again and went for another beer at the pub this evening 

Day 46 - 16th December
Another beautiful day. 
However we are waking up around 7am now because the sun is beaming through the camper and it's too hot to sleep. We've seen a lot of people in campers without windows and they sleep with the big back door open and a mosquito net hanging. Not sure I fancy this as I wouldn't feel at ease. Even in a quite camp site I don't think it be able to relax knowing that the door would be open. But this might be something we have to consider as it's only going to get hotter. 

Day 47 - 17th December
We left Nimbin and headed for Byron Bay. We spent a couple of hours here on the beach. Everywhere around Byron Bay is pay & display and I think that's because it's a very touristy area. On the plus side the meter took Apple Pay so it was easy enough as we didn't have enough change. 
The sea was so nice and warm and really clear as well, it was lovely. 
I got a coffee from a cafe on the beach and also bought a fruit salad with yogurt, delicious!
We are now back at New Italy rest area for the night, let's hope it isn't as loud as last time as there are barely any free rest areas around and paid camp sites are so expensive in Byron Bay. 

^Fruit salad from 'Beach' at Byron Bay

Day 48 - 18th December
Today was pretty much a replica of yesterday!
We went to Byron Bay for a few hours, I got another coffee and fruit bowl from the same cafe, we even parked in the same (expensive) car park! And just to top it off we are staying in the same rest area again tonight - New Italy!
So not much else to report other than it's getting very hot! I'm slightly sunburnt and we are both struggling to sleep at night with the heat. Even with all windows open we are still so hot. The things I would do for electricity to use the fan right now !!

^The most delicious fruit salad again!

Day 49 - 19th December
Today we decided to head back south a couple of hours just because we have some time to kill before our Airbnb for Christmas. We found a paid camp site close to Coffs Harbour on Sapphire Beach that looked lovely. 
We called for a price and instead the lady just booked us in and didn't tell us the price! We thought it would be expensive as it looked so nice and we were right... $60 p/n for a powered site. 
It's a lovely area with a pool and a 1 minute walk to the beach. But it's definitely out of our budget! 
We went to Woolworths soon after having a swim in the pool to get some supplies. I noticed a frozen yogurt shop and we both gasped with pure joy as we hadn't seen one for ages and had both really fancied one for such a long time! So just to make us over budget a bit more we spent $17 at yogurt land ! Ooops. 
We had paprika chicken, avocado and halloumi in a tiger bread roll with garlic mayo it was delicious! 

^Sapphire Beach 

Day 50 - 20th December
We headed just 20 minutes up the road (with a slight detour because our satnav from travellers autobarn hasn't been updated so it doesn't know any of the new roads!) to another camp site called Darlington Beach Holiday Park where we will be staying tonight. It's a really big area with a pool which we've spent loads of time in today. There are lots of kangaroos jumping around the park, they don't seem bothered by people at all!
It's much cheaper than last night at $46 and we both prefer it. 

^Darlington Beach

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