Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Day 31-36 Rainy journey back North

Day 31 - 1st December
My alarm clock this morning was the sound of heavy rain hitting the campervan. Not the awakening I'd hoped of! We were expecting this as lots of locals and staff at the caravan park had mentioned that they were expecting a months rainfall over the weekend. 
On the way out of Phillip Island we stopped at Pannys Chocolate Factory where we had a little look around and a coffee in the cafe. 
We then started the journey back up the way Coast. Our first stop on the way back up is McLoughlin. We are staying at a free area near the sea. It's so windy tonight I feel like our little camper may tip over!!

^The sunsetting at the camp area

Day 32 - 2nd December
It's just sunk in that this year I don't have an advent calendar! That's definitely a first. Last year I treated myself to the Selfridges beauty advent calendar and this year I'm on a budget every day living in a Campervan! Swings and roundabouts I guess!...
We left the camp site in the rain. Last night it was torrential. That campervan was rocking from the forceful winds all night, so neither of us got a great nights sleep!
We are used the rainy day to travel for a few hours back to a rest stop in Murrengowar. We've been here once before already and quite liked it so we are back!
If both of us are honest we want to get closer to Sydney and then Brisbane again. Both of us definitely preferred it up there and I think this is because it's just more chilled, there are more free camp sites about, the weather is warmer there (well at least not torrential downpours!) and it was easier to go from beach-to-beach. Whereas when we travelled closer to Melbourne the beaches we went to weren't as nice, it was fairly dead and it was mainly National Park area. 
We cooked a spaghetti bolognese tonight which was delicious. It's feeling quite cold considering yesterday was officially the first day of Summer here. So tonight will be spent snuggled in the camper. And I don't mind that! 

Day 33 - 3rd December 
We woke up to the heavy rain... again :(
We decided to use a rubbish weather day wisely by driving nearly 4 hours. We are now near Batemans Bay again where we should be spending the day tomorrow before heading up a little further for the night. 
Now we are closer to the coast again we are really hoping for some nice weather for chilled beach days. Let's hope the sea is a little warmer here now. 
I felt really gross today and just wanted to wash my hair, we couldn't find a free public shower anywhere so 2 big bottles of water did the job of washing my hair nicely! We may of got a few funny looks in the camp site, but when push comes to shove these things have just got to be done!!

Day 34 - 4th December 
Yet another rainy and miserable day. I didn't want to say miserable but our morale did hit an all time low today. 
Everything seemed to stress us out and feeling cabin fever in our small camper didn't help as the rain means another day cooped up. Which we don't mind every now and then - but for 5 days on the trot now, well, let's just say we are over the rain now!
My boyfriend keeps saying 'come to Australia they said, it's boiling hot they said'. Which is so funny and true. 
I guess every country has rain but we didn't expect this in Australia's Summer season. Maybe it's our own faults for not researching the weather at this time! 
The other things getting on top of us today was mainly money/budgeting. My boyfriend has been amazing at the financial side of things. But when we work out our allowance per day, stick to it, at still somehow be over budget somewhat it's very frustrating. If we aren't spending money on food shops we are spending it on fuel. And this has cost us SO much. We havie been given an unleaded van, so it is absolutely guzzling the petrol. We have to be so on the ball with spending and careful with what we spend it on. 
I'm sure as soon as the weather brightens up we will back to our usually happy selves!! 

Day 35 - 5th December
We went to Hyams Beach in the rain this morning. This is actually where we went before in the trip when we thought we were in Jervis Bay. This time are actually followed the signs to Jervis Bay but turned around when we saw the payment booths to get into that area of the National Park. I know it's classed as ACT (Australian Captial Territory) but I'm not too sure why you have to pay to enter the park. 
Anyway, another rainy day it seems. I hope this ends soon! Earlier on in the trip when we came here it was so hot and the most stunning place. So sad it's not like that now!

Day 36 - 6th December
It was a little brighter today and only lightly rained a couple of times. We are still near Jervis Bay waiting for the hot day tomorrow (hopefully)
We got some bits for a nice pasta sauce tonight. It felt quite stormy and humid so neither of us felt too great.
I had another hair wash in the sink of a public toilet! We had a chilled afternoon in the camper. 

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