Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Top 5 Affordable, Essential Beauty Products For Travelling.

Whilst packing my suitcase prior to my travels in Australia, I realised that I was going to have to think about what products I really needed. My 5 step skin care routine was going to have to be cut down. Living in a campervan means there's not much storage space at all, this meant cutting down my beauty products significantly. 
I brought a small makeup bag with me, and honestly, haven't used it once! It's so nice to be able to wake up and get ready in virtually no time at all. 

There are a few steps and products I use that are my top 5 essentials for being in the sun, travelling or for going on holiday. I have a few other bits with me that I haven't included such as a face moisturiser, but that's because I chop and change those all the time (I'm currently using a clean&clear face moisturiser but I've been buying small tubes of different brands). The products I'm mentioning are ones that have become an absolute stable throughout my travels. 

Being out in the sun all day long as taken it's toll on my skin. I've looked after my skin and used a lot of sun cream, but spending a lot of time in direct sun light, sea water, and pool water has dried out my skin a lot. We found this huge value bottle of Cocoa Butter in k-mart - a shop we don't have in the UK. It's a brand I've been familiar with but haven't used religiously in the past. I bought the bottle for $14 which is really good value (that's just over £8). I've used it every evening after a shower and taken the time to massage it into my skin to ensure it soaks in well. My skin is still so soft and hydrated in the morning. I have some stretch marks on my inner thighs, so I've applied more to that area and I can see a slight different in the appearance of them already. They have faded slightly and aren't so obvious which is a great bonus. I will continue to use this cream once back in the UK to try and prevent my tan from fading quickly. 

I brought 3 packets of cotton wool pads with me to use with my Garnier Micellar Water. I wanted a cleanser to use morning and night for a really quick fix of clean and refreshed skin. I use this micellar water at home to take off makeup if I don't have the time to use a hot cloth cleanser and I really love it. 
I've had bioderma in the past, but it's hard to get hold of in the UK (I bought my first and only bottle of it around 5 years ago in France and haven't repurchased since). Garnier Micellar Water is the closest cleanser I've found to bioderma, it's a really good dupe and a lot cheaper aswell. 
The Garnier cleanser is so gentle, I have no irritation using it on both my face and eyes and it removes makeup quick and easily. It takes no time to use, it's really affordable and does a great job. Perfect for on the go or travelling. 

I took a considerable amount of beauty products on my travels but I ran out of hair conditioner fairly rapidly. I didn't purchase it for a while *big mistake*. My hair became SO matted and notty all the time from the sea water and the sun drying out my hair. We were in Aldi one day and in the random section in the middle of the shop I saw Protane Hair Oil for just over $6. This is amazing price for an hair oil, so even if the product wasn't too great it didn't bother me massively for the great price. 
I can safely say it doesn't compare to my beloved Moroccan Oil that I use at home and stupidly didn't bring with me ! But its really good for the price. I apply the oil to the lengths and tips just after washing my hair, it makes it SO much easier to brush through and my hair doesn't even feel like it's been in sea water all day! 

Being in Australia has certainly been a significant climate change for my body to get used to. It's currently summer in Australia so it's the hottest time of year, I'm loving it, but my body has needed some adjustment!! I've been relying on Sure Deodorant throughout my travels. It's affordable and always on offer in Boots in the UK. I've seen the same style bottle of deodorant called a different name, I'm not sure whether it's the same brand with a different name here, or a cheaper version. But it's an absolute staple here in the hot heat, or wherever you are. 

Last but definitely not least is suncream - possibly the most important item on this list. It's so important to protect your skin from the UV rays, but also from burning. The one shown in the photo isn't a brand I'm familar with but it's the one I'm currently using up. We bought this one in Cape Verde whilst on holiday there in October, everything is imported to Cape Verde so I believe this bottle is in German. It's the only one we could get our hands on in the resort but I chose it as I could understand Factor 50 and UVA on the packaging. I have another back up with me thats also factor 50. You can never be prepared enough with sun cream. 

Other items I've been using but not relying heavily on are:
•SPF lip balm,
•Face exfoliator, and
•Red nail polish for my toes

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