Saturday, 6 January 2018

Day 59 - 66. Hervey Bay & LOTS of frozen yogurt

Day 59 - 29th December
Yesterday the search for another campsite in this area began. We want to stay here for a little while as it's a lovely area and would be nice again to stay somewhere for a few days and feel a little at home somewhere rather than be on the move all the time. I called a free camp sites and enquired online for loads in the area and everywhere was fully booked. I presume people are having a post-Christmas break. We continued the search this morning and we were so lucky to find a place to stay at just the 3rd place we asked. 
We are staying at Shelly Beach Caravan Park. I think it was fate as someone cancelled 5 minutes before we came here to ask apparently! 
We've had a really nice day swimming in the pool, grabbing iced lattes and going to  subway lunch for a salad bowl. 
Although both of our eyes are so sore and dry from the pool even a couple of hours after getting out now. 

^Iced Latte from Cody's Coffee Shack

Day 60 - 30th December
Our gas canister in the campervan ran out last night half way through cooking our curry and rice which wasn't ideal! We ended up having just the curry as that was cooked (luckily) but the rice was still raw. So this morning as soon as we woken up we started mission gas canister! We've pre-paid for a refill at travellers autobarn as you either had to replace the gas you've used, or pay them to refill it. If we knew we would have been replacing it so soon to the end we wouldn't of paid for the re-fill at $35 as we've had to buy a whole new one this morning at just $17. It's really frustrating and I think the company are definitely onto a money making scheme there, but we didn't know that at the time so the idea behind being the pre-paid refill with the company was so we had one less thing to worry about when returning the camper. But these things happen and I'm just glad we have gas again so we can cook and boil the kettle! 
We had a little swim in the sea before treating ourselves to a huge dominoes each! I've been craving pizza so much as it's one of my favourite things to eat and I haven't had it in so long! 
We also had a little dip in the pool, making sure we both kept our eyes shut today so that they didn't irritate like yesterday. It took over 5 hours for my eyes to feel normal again yesterday. I was quite worried that they were damaged in some way as they were so dry and both our visions were foggy & cloudy - I couldn't look at bright lights without it being blurred and having a rainbow around the whole light. Thankfully both our eyes are ok now but I didn't want to take the risk in the pool again. 
We had an evening stroll on the beach just before the sunset which was lovely. 

^HUGE 16" dominoes pizza!

^Shelly Beach

Day 61 -31st December
The start of the day today was very humid, even in the shade we couldn't escape the heat. 
There should be a fireworks display tonight for New Years although a thunderstorm is forcasted and it has rained today.
There's a street market in Hervey Bay today so we've watched that get set up, also aninflatable waterslide park which looked sooo good!
It's a shame to see it deflated as the rain got heavier tonight. I really hope the fireworks go ahead and they aren't called off. 

Day 62 - 1st January
Happy new year! Last night came to an abrupt end as there was a huge thunderstorm so the fireworks were called off. So disappointing as we were looking forward to going out and doing something normal!! But nethertheless it was night to be in the camper playing candy crush and drinking lemonade! (Wild night!!) and it was also nice that it wasn't so hot as the rain took away some of the heat. 
Today has been very relaxed. We got some fish and chips for lunch - definitely not as good as back home and England obviously has the best fish and chips, but it was still yummy and a nice treat. 
It's rained again this evening, but we are cooped up in the camper cooking curry - we even went to an Indian restaurant to get some naans! 

^Cod and chips, I miss English chip shop chips!!

Day 63 - 2nd January
The sun has been in and out today. It's a weird kind of heat and very muggy. The sea was so rough and washing up loads of sand so we didn't swim as sand would of gotten all over us! 
We went to the shopping centre near Hervey Bay and got frozen yogurt. This has become a regular thing and we both love it so much! I will miss it a lot back home!
The rest of the day has been very chilled, we've had a dip in the pool and we are now cooking pasta sauce for our evening meal. 

Day 64 - 3rd January
Another beautiful day in Hervey Bay. 
We spent a while at the beach topping up the tan. We also accidentally made another trip to the frozen yogurt shop. This is becoming too much of a regular thing!! But it's too damn good !
The afternoon was spent (as usual) in the pool which was just what we needed as it's been so hot and humid. 
It's not raining a little - this is becoming too much of a regular thing in the evenings for my liking. 
The rain stopped and we had such a nice evening; we went to the beach for sunset and got ice creams. 

Day 65 - 4th January 
I can't believe we have 2 weeks left in the campervan. I honestly don't know where the time has gone!
Today was really hot and I felt so sluggish and couldn't do much because of this. We drove around a little and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. 
This evening we went from beach to beach to watch the sunset and take some photos, it's nice to do things in the evening when it's not hot and isn't raining! 

Day 66 - 5th January 
Today was very similar to yesterday so here are some photos ! 

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