Saturday, 13 January 2018

Day 67 - 73. Fireworks, Noosa Heads & Bribie Island

Day 67 - 6th January
We are still in Hervey Bay for one last night and loving it. Due to the huge thunderstorm on NYE the fireworks were cancelled so we saw the display this evening. It was so magical. 
Today we spent most of the time at the beach soaking up the sun and taking regular dips in the sea because it's been SO hot !

Day 68 - 7th January
We left the camp site at Hervey Bay which was actually quite upsetting! The owner was so friendly and nice to us, he made us feel really welcome. As well as some of the permanent residents at the site. 
The site is called Shelley Beach Caravan Park and j highly recommend staying there if you're in the Hervey Bay Area. 
We made our way back to Tiaro Memorial Park where we will be staying tonight, it's set back from the road and has a free 3 minute shower which is great and very rare to find in a free site. 

^Point Vernon, Hervey Bay

Day 69 - 8th January
We headed for Noosa and arrived a couple of hours later. 
We wanted to stay at the sea scouts site as it was really cheap. However, we arrived there to be met by a big sign saying no camping and closed!
So we headed for the next closest one which is Noosa Caravan Park. We booked in for 2 nights at £74 all together. There's a lovely pool here and sun beds where I spent a fair while today! It's a top holiday park and our campervan keys have a top holiday park key ring on allowing a discount for us which is great. 

Day 70 - 9th January
We went to Noosa and did a similar walk as before around the National Park. It was so hot that half way through we had a swim in the sea, even though we had no towels with us and had to air dry it was so worth it! 
I got an iced coffee from the cafe there before headed back to the camp site. 
We had an afternoon swim and sunbathe. Both of us are so knackered today, I'm not sure whether we had bad nights sleep or whether it's the heat or the walk this morning. But I think an early night is in order!
I filmed a little bit of footage today that I will edit and post on YouTube once I'm home. 
When I was in Sydney at the start of 2017 I filmed clips everyday and posted 3 separate videos of the footage on YouTube then. 

^Noosa Heads walk

Day 71 - 10th January 
We moved camp sites to one near the Sunshine Coast. It's in land slightly so not here a beach, and a lot more expensive than we wanted. But it's hard to know where to go for a good price until you actually get the a caravan park to enquire. 
It's been extremely hot today so a lot of the day has been spent in the pool. 
We did a shop at IGA to get some supplies for the next few days. 

Day 72 - 11th January 
Still in the Sunshine Coast and not much has changed, so here's a list of things I miss from home, things I will miss here and things I won't! 

Things I'm missing from home
•family & dogs 
•hot baths
•comfortable bed
•drinking tap water
•kitchen space to cook 
•variety of home cooked food
•my coffee machine
•clean clothes

Things I'm going to miss here
•hot weather
•every day with Ben
•freedom of going wherever
•living minimalist 
•not waking up at 3am for work
•wearing no makeup 
•sitting outside on camp chairs until late
•wearing a bikini every day
•having no itinerary for the day
•deciding whether to swim in the pool or sea first
•not knowing anyone
•doing food shops with ben

Things I'm not going to miss
•thinking of things to cook
•sleeping in sleeping bags
•sand getting everywhere in the camper
•(sometimes) not knowing where we will be sleeping that night

Day 73 - 12th January
Just a week left in the camper! Can't believe how quickly it has gone, I will definitely miss this but both of us feeling ready to sleep in actual beds and feel a bit normal again!
I've felt quite crappy today, I think I'm getting a cold. I feel so drained and not 100%. 
We've had another day taking it easy and swimming in the pool. Onto the next place tomorrow as we drove closer to Brisbane to return the camper soon. 

^sunset from the camper 

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