Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How To Stay Positive

Its so easy to get yourself in a rut about things in life. With me, its usually something so small irrelevant that I let get to me. Then something else so small will get to me as well. (Talk about kick myself once I'm down!) And before i know it I'm in a viscous cycle of bad moods, hating life and being so negative; and no one else is to blame than myself!
Whether its your job, body image, money or even the weather. You have to realise that if you're not to blame for the way you feel then its out of your control and you have to accept it. If you could be to blame its time to make some changes to get yourself away from the negative vibes!

1) Surround yourself by positive people.
Being around people who genuinely bring you happiness is so important. Whats the point in spending time with negative people who also bring you down?

2) Be grateful.
Instead of thinking about what you don't have, why not be grateful for the things you do have? 

3) Treat yourself.
A little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Treating myself to something, even a nail polish can really cheer me up sometimes, its the small things. I have a long week coming up at work, so I've booked myself in for a massage and facial at the end of the week so i have something to look forward to. This is a bit extravagant and i won't be making a habit of this, but for a one off, why not?

4) Make time for YOU.
Lives can get so hectic, before we know it every minute of our time is taken up. Clear your schedule if you can. Even a free hour in the evening to have a bath, exfoliate, shave your legs and use a face mask! Its surprising what a bit of 'you time' can do!

5) Eat well.
I know this is a typical one, and something most of us struggle with. But a bit of healthy eating didn't hurt anyone. I truly feel better and positive once knowing what I've put into my body is benefitting my body. Don't restrict yourself, but eat in proportion.

6) Look out for someone else.
Its amazing how a small gesture towards someone else can really make you feel good about yourself. It works both ways, knowing you've made someone else's day should really make you feel great too. Even buying a work colleague a coffee.

7) Recognising other's emotions.
Is someone else feeling down around you and that having an impact on you? Try and find out why they aren't okay and if theres something you can do to help. 

Personalised things that cheer me up and keep me positive and happy....

1) Clean bed sheets
2) Baking
3) Coffee
4) Walking my dogs
5) A new bag/top/jeans/shoes
6) A boiling bubble-bath.
7) Hair wash day
8) Homemade smoothies
9) Having plans in place to look forward to
10) Making an effort with people I want to spend time with
11) Holidays/trips away/weekend breaks
12) Steak!
13) A full tank of diesel
14) Blasting old time favourite songs
15) Taking the time to chose a good outfit
16) Prepping my meals
17) Organisation in general
18) Keeping my journals up to date
19) Cheesecake
20) Meals out in restaurants

Favourite positive quotes......

'Start each day with a grateful heart'
'Worry about loving yourself instead of loving the idea of people loving you'
'The grass is greener where you water it'
'All things are difficult before they are easy'
'Don't give up great things take time'
'Grow through what you go through'


  1. Love this post it really is important to try and stay positive

  2. I loved this post! There are so many things that can get you off track!
    Positivity is the key to success!