Friday, 11 August 2017

Eyelash Lift and Tint

A few days ago i got my eyelashes lifted and tinted for the first time. I wanted to share the experience and talk through the process incase anyone is thinking of getting this treatment.

The idea of the process is to make the lashes look fuller and thicker without wearing eye make-up. Of course, you can wear eye makeup after having the eyelash lift, but the process makes it look like you're wearing natural eye makeup anyway.

It took about 45 minutes with some breaks in between of waiting as the solutions to work on the lashes. This was fine by me because i had just had a facial and massage and i was ready to drop off!

Im sure the process is done slightly differently where ever you go to have an eyelash lift, but this is how mine worked.

1. Firstly, my lower lashes were taped down
2. A guard was placed on my eye to create the curl and protect my eye from any solutions 
3. The first solution is placed on the eye lashes and is removed after 15 minutes
4. The setting solution is placed on the eye lashes and again, removed after 15 minutes
5. A tint was applied to the lashes and removed after 5-10minutes

The actual process was quick and easy and fairly relaxing. However, i did find it slightly uncomfortable having the tape on my lower lashes as this restricted my blinking and i couldn't laugh or smile as the tape wouldn't allow the skin around my eyes to move! Its really important to keep your eyes closed throughout all the application as it would be very painful to get any solution in your eyes.

I was really overwhelmed by how well this worked on my eyelashes. Its three days later now and i haven't worn any mascara on my upper lashes since having this done.

This treatment really appealed to me as i spend ages curling my lashes every single day, and the mascara application is something i find really boring and tedious even though i love the end result of wearing mascara. I also do shift work, so anything to make my life easier on an early shift is wonderful. Overall I'm happy with the results, and depending on how long the treatment lasts i will consider having it done again.

Left: Before image. Right: After image
Please excuse the redness of my face; i had just had a facial and one of the products used didn't agree with my skin!



  1. I would love to try having this done one day, I'm not sure though. Your lashes look so amazing!
    -Ellie x

  2. I wasn't too sure either! But i absolutely love it. 2 weeks on now and they are still looking amazing! X