Sunday, 30 July 2017

You can't buy back time, and you can't buy memories.

Ive tried to be a bit more creative when it comes to giving gifts for occasions. Instead of the typical bath sets that no one really wants I've tried to push the boat out a bit more recently. 

In April 2016 myself and my partner went away for a long weekend to Newquay in Cornwall to celebrate our birthdays, last year for my mums birthday i took her to CenterParcs for the weekend, myself and my partner are off to Cape Verde in September which a gift from me for his 21st. 

You can't buy back time, and you can't buy memories. This is why I've realised its so important to make memories yourself; no one is able to make them for you. 

For my mums birthday this year I took her to a Spa hotel and country club call Park Farm near Norwich, Norfolk. I booked the apartment for one night. It was absolutely gorgeous and her reaction made the surprise so worth it. She was so over the moon and grateful. This was such a special moment and so much happiness was brought upon both of us. I will treasure her reaction and always remember her holding her head in her hands and crying tears of happiness on the edge of the blue chequered sofa. 

Here are some pictures of our gorgeous apartment.

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