Monday, 14 August 2017

Im Going Travelling...

If all goes to plan i should be going away at the end of October on a big travelling trip. We will be starting in Australia and spending a few months travelling around the gold coast. We're not sure whether to go on from there or come back after Australia but we have a few ideas floating around at the moment. Nothing is set in stone just yet. The idea is to potentially land in Brisbane and hire a camper van. I never realised the amount of effort that goes into planning a massive trip.

We spent a long time deciding on a destination. But obviously thats the first big decision to make. Australia both appealed to us, and its such a popular place to travel that we figured doing a popular route would teach us all the tricks we need to know when travelling so that when we travel different countries in the future we have some knowledge behind us, rather than going massively off the beaten track for our first big trip.

Next we decided on a time length. We new that going in our winter would be ideal for my work, and it would be Australias summer. Going for a few months means we can really make the most of it and relax at the same time without it being too stressful and intense.

A camper van seemed perfect for us as its our accommodation and allows us to travel. When i went to Australia in March we were going to get a camper van, I'm really glad we didn't as it wouldn't of worked because we were really central in Sydney. Whereas a trip like this seems perfect for a camper van. This is definitely the thing that is going to cost us the most money whilst travelling, but we can justify this as it is our home and car for a few months and we need to be comfortable. We are thinking about hiring a mid-sized camper van to ensure we have enough room. As we will be there for Australias summer we need to make sure we don't overheat!

Nothing is set in stone for our trip yet and we are still planning to make sure we get everything as right as we can. We could even change our mind and choose a completely different destination! But for now these are our plans.

If anyone has any tips for travelling, especially in Australia please let me know, it would be much appreciated.


  1. AustrĂ¡lia is on my travel list. I hope you like! :)

  2. Same with me! It has been for a long time. Thank you xx