Sunday, 9 October 2016

Carvela // Kurt Geiger

Theres always been something about me that can't seem to resist a good ol' clothing and accessories sale...

Once i have my heart set on a piece of clothing or a handbag for example, i will eat, sleep and breath thinking about it!

Before i know it I've purchased the item (or item's !...)

After not having the particular item for long, the novelty tends to wear off.

So when i saw the Kurt Geiger sale conveniently pop up in an AD on my FaceBook page, i thought i would have a little scroll and later that evening i had 100% convinced myself that i absolutely needed a new handbag. So all that night, all the next day and all the next evening i was thinking about these gorgeous bags that i seemed to love SO much. Before i knew it i had chosen two (yes not just one but TWO) and the confirmation of purchase email had just made it to my inbox.

For now, the novelty hasn't worn off and I'm thoroughly enjoying my new handbags, and pretty impressed that i got good deals on both handbags on the Kurt Geiger website. So i thought i would share some pictures of my new purchases with you, which may in turn persuade you that you definitely need a new handbag. You've been warned.