Thursday, 20 October 2016

Anastasia // Contour Kit review

Ive had my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit for probably over 6 months now and i haven't got round to doing a review before now. This product retails at £39 and is the powder formula - theres also a cream version which i believe is the same price. 

PackagingThis contour kit comes in black packaging that reminds me of cardboard! The packaging isn't actually very durable at all. The corners of the packaging are showing a lot of wear and tare already, and mine has been kept in my makeup bag or in my makeup drawers. The packaging shows a lot of finger prints and has stains from foundation and concealer which is why i don't think black is the best colour for this products packaging. In some pictures below you'll be able to see the marks around the pans of the powders (i purposely haven't cleaned it so you can see what it can really get like!)The top of the product flips up and is held in place once together by a magnet. Inside the product is a plain black area on the back of the lid, this looks very plain. A decent size mirror could of been placed here which would encourage me to take this product out on the go. You can actually take the pans out of the packaging and i guess place them in your own packaging if you would rather do that. However this product isn't cheap, so i would of expected a higher quality of packaging for this price. The pans are securely in place in the palette and I'm convinced they wouldn't fall out unexpectedly. The cut out on the packaging of each of the pans actually makes it really easy to remove the pans if you did want to take them out, which i like about this product because some palettes who claim to have this function are really difficult to remove and you end up chipping the powder with your nail!

FormulaThe formula of the powders is high quality. Each of the powders are highly pigmented and powdery enough so that you can get enough product on your brush without having to sweep your brush around much. When getting product on your brush you do need to be careful of fall out. When applying they are very easy to blend once on the skin. 
The product allows you to go for a subtle look or a more intense contour depending on what you're after which is good to have options in one palette. The products are versatile as I've also used some of these powders as eyeshadows and brow highlights which is also why this product would be great if it had a mirror as it would mean you could take this one palette and use it for your cheeks and eyes as apposed to taking a couple of palettes out and about.

Overall/ProductAlthough I'm sure the dimensions of the product are online, i didn't see them! And even if i did i wouldn't of got a tape measure to see the exact size of them! So although i was disappointed with the size of the palette, its probably my own fault! I would say this is a mid-range product, as its definitely not cheap, but there are other brands and contour palettes which are more expensive. For this price of this product i thought the size and quality of the packaging was very poor. £39 is a lot of money to spend on a palette that is small, even if the quality of the actual product is good. Packaging is a selling point for a lot of people. I will continue to use the product to ensure i can get as much out of it as possible, but i also believe there are much cheaper contour kits in the drugstore which are a similar quality. However if you have the budget to spend on this contour kit and don't think £39 is too much money, then by all means go ahead as its a good quality product and a well known and loved brand.


  1. I've heard a lot about this product and it sounds amazing... if I'm completely honest, I think after reading this review I might save my money for a cheaper contour kit.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. I have always wondered about this product... The only thing that had stopped me from buying it was the price! Kind of glad I didn't get it in the end now I have read this review!

    1. Yes! Theres definitely some very similar and cheaper ones out there! X

  3. You'd think for almost £40 the packaging would be a bit better!!! I feel like with high end products the packaging is part of what your eating paying for so it needs to be just as good as the product itself. At least the powders are high quality, they sound fab!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog