Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Fragrance // Wish List

Even if my hair, makeup and outfit is looking good, i never feel complete without a spritz of perfume before i leave the house. 
I usually go for a sweet scented perfume, but recently I've been fancying something (still along a same line but) slightly different. Perfumes, especially designer perfumes can be so expensive but usually worth it as the fragrance normally lasts much longer on your clothes. I always have just one perfume on the go as i can't afford to purchase a new designer perfume as soon as i smell one that i like! My current fragrance at home is Lancome La Vie Est Belle, which is very sweet smelling. Ive used about 3/4 of the bottle so I've been thinking about which perfume i would like to purchase next, and to be honest I feel I'm in need of a change of perfume as I'm getting a bit bored of this one now. 
Ive narrowed it down to three perfumes that are on my current wish list.

Tom Ford // Orchid Soleil
I believe this is a fairly new fragrance. Aside from the bottle being absolutely beautiful, the fragrance is also lovely. I haven't heard many people talk about this perfume so far, so if i end up purchasing this one ill give a detailed review.

Escentric Molecules // Molecule 01
I feel like this is a blogger staple! I remember Zoe Sugg talking about this in a youtube video ages and ages ago, and since then many more bloggers have bought it. I believe its a fragrance that smells slightly different on everyone, which i find so interesting.

Giorgio Armani // Sì Intense
This perfume kind of reminded me of a fragrance by Lady GaGa with the black liquid inside the bottle. (Don't worry it doesn't come out black on your clothes or skin!) This perfume is very sophisticated and sexy, and again fairly sweet. It lasts a long time. My friend wears this a lot and i can always tell when she is wearing it, because like the name suggests its fairly intense but without being too over powering.

Let me know if you would recommend any perfumes and what your favourites are.


  1. I have this Tom Ford and Armani fragrances! The packaging is amazing!