Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Eyebrow routine

I thought that i would share my current eyebrow routine as its something i do everyday whether its filling the brows in slightly or plucking them.

I have quite thick natural eyebrows that are fairly dark in colour. This means that they can be hard to maintain sometimes. 

I have recently noticed that trimming them helps a lot when it comes to controlling them. The thought of trimming my eyebrows used to scare me, and i didn't know where to start. But as soon as i tried it one day, I've been doing it since. In the picture below you can see the tiny scissors i use to trim my brows. The way to do this is to brush all of your eyebrow hairs upwards and cut in a straight line as much as you want to trim them.

I have come to terms with the fact that my eyebrows are 'sisters' and not 'twins' (which always makes me laugh when i hear that saying) which means they don't always look the same. I find the tail of my left eyebrow is sparse these days for some reason. To try and fix this i have been filling this area in slightly with an eyeshadow from the sleek pallet 'OH SO SPECIAL 658'. The colour i use is marked below in the picture with an angled brush. Other than this i don't need to fill in my eyebrows as they are thick and dark already.

 I also usually use a setting gel for my eyebrows as they can be quite unruly. The one i usually use is my Rimmel.

The tools i use:
  • Tweezers
  • Tiny nail scissors
  • Brow brush - Eco Tools
  • Eyeshadow - Sleek
  • Angled brush - Zoeva 317

If anyone has a Macbook Pro and knows how to automatically change the letter 'i' into a capital when i type please let me know. Thanks x

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