Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Zara City Office Bag

Ive wanted this bag for a while now. I originally wanted the older style of the city office bag as i liked it more, but i decided to just go for it and get it as they're all fairly similar. I first got inspired to get this video when it became popular with YouTuber's. 
I was lucky enough to meet Tanya Burr in the Summer of 2013 and when meeting her she was carrying this bag. 
I didn't go shopping to purposely buy it, but when i saw it in Zara i felt i had to..! Its such a classic accessory for a girls wardrobe. The black makes it classy and simple looking, and the entire style is so convenient and handy. 
I use this bag when i go to college. The pockets at either side mean that my laptop and folder can be easy to find and protected from any damage. The pockets are cushioned which means that if my laptop didn't have a hard case on it (which it does) it would still be protected inside the bag. 
The huge compartment in the middle is open and makes it easy to grab things during the day. It has both short straps and a long strap. The bag can fit so much in and is perfect for work, college, school or university. It feels good quality and i know it will last me for a long while. 

RRP £59.99


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