Monday, 24 November 2014

My 5 favourite autumn/winter lipsticks

So as its autumn the more berry toned lipsticks appear again. Ive chosen some of my favourite lipsticks to wear in the Autumn/Winter months. Ill be making references to the pictures below at i talk through them. (from left to right)

The first lipstick is by L'oreal Paris and is in the shade 203 rock 'n' mauve. This lipstick is the brightest purple that i have. However, when first applying it, it does come out on the lips fairly shear. I love this lipstick because it can be built up into a full-on bright purple lip. I'm looking forward to try it out more as its my newest lipstick featuring in these 5. This lipstick is moisturising on the lips and doesn't last too long unless its blotted down so it stains the lips and the moisture is taken out.

Second along is also by L'oreal Paris but it is from the collection 'exclusive pure reds' and as you can probably tell from the name of the collection it just features different shades of red lipsticks. The one i have shown in this picture is Eva's (Eva Longoria) red lipstick. This lipstick looks fairly orange in the picture as its next to darker colours but its a deep red with slight orange tones in it. Its soft and smooth on the lips and has really good staying power so it will last throughout the day. I would say its fairly matte.

The middle lipstick is my Mac and is in the shade Amourous. I think this shade sold out at the start of Autumn but i knew deep purple lipsticks from Mac such as Rebel would sell out so i luckily bought this before Autumn. It is a satin finish which means its almost matte but has a little bit more moisture although its definatly not a moisturising lipstick. Its also very soft on the lips and feels as if you're not wearing lipstick as you've been wearing it for a little while. The colour lasts so long and is a must have for Autumn/Winter

The fourth lipstick along is by Rimmel London and is from the Kate Moss collection. This lipstick is in the shade 30. I think this lipstick is my favourite from the 5 I've chosen. Its very matte and i love matte lipsticks. Its very pigmented which means a light layer is needed and the colour pay off is amazing. The only thing I'm not so keen on is the smell of the lipstick and i know a lot of people either love it or hate it!

The final lipstick is also my Mac and is in the shade Captive. This lipstick is very similar to Amourous and is also a satin finish. Even the colour is very similar in the tube, but once applied Captive is slightly darker. Out of the two i have worn Captive the most and i don't really know why as i love them both! 

The pictures are taken on my phone which is why the quality isn't good!

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