Thursday, 18 December 2014

Barry M natural shadow & glow blush palette 2

I wanted to buy a new eyeshadow palette that wasn't too big but still had a moderate variety of neutral shades. I wanted a smaller palette because i spend a lot of time travelling to and from my boyfriends house, so its much easier if i travel lightly! I like the MUA and Sleek eyeshadow palettes because they are good quality, cheap and small. But i wanted to try something new and i had my eyes on the new Barry M palette...

I think theres 5 different palettes in this collection. I chose this one because as soon as i looked at it i liked the colours a lot. Not only is this a small palette but it also has a blush in it swell so it means one less makeup product to carry around. 

There are two matte eye shades in the palette which (from the left) are the second and third shades. The other four shades are shimmery and include a; plum, grey, medium brown and a dark brown. The quality of these eyeshadows are fairly good and although i have only used it a couple of times so far, I'm really liking it. The blush has a slight shimmer through it, its a gorgeous rosy pink colour.

Theres a big mirror in the palette on the flap which magnetically shuts which is also very useful for touching up your makeup on the go. I would highly recommend this palette. 

I got this palette from Superdrug for £6.49

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