Monday, 15 December 2014

Lily Pebble's Chocolate Brookies!

I have recently watched Lily Pebble's vlog which included 'chocolate brookies', i then read the blog post about them which went into further depth about them and included the recipe. Brookies are half way between brownies and cookies, I'm surprised I've never heard of them before! 

Usually when i try and bake things at home it goes horribly wrong because i don't have a key ingredient and I've substituted it for something else, or I'm making up the recipe as i go along! When i looked at the ingredients for the chocolate brookies i was pleasantly surprised as they are all simple ingredients that most people have in their cupboards, and there was just a short list of ingredients that were needed. So for once, i think my chocolate brookies turned out just fine!

For the full recipe and much better pictures go to Lily Pebble's blog :)

The brookies before baking.

First batch out of the oven. (without flash)

Second batch out of the oven! (with flash)


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