Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Muji acrylic storage

A few days ago my Muji order of two sets of acrylic drawers arrived. I had been contemplating ordering these for a while, and when i finally caved in they were out of stock. I went on the website every now and again when i knew i wanted to order them and around a month later they were finally in stock so i ordered them. The confirmation email i received stated that they needed to be shipped in so i was expecting them to take a while to come in the post, but they actually took around a week to arrive so i was fairly impressed. I ordered a set of 5 drawers and a separate set of 2 drawers that had deeper drawer space than the set of 5 drawers. 

Im using my Muji storage as make-up storage and somehow the drawers i bought are nearly full and i wasn't planning on buying anymore anytime soon! Here are some pictures of how I've filled my Muji storage so far.. (the lipstick holders are from eBay)

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