Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Top 10 tips for managing school, college or uni work!

I'm a college BTEC student, so i know its hard to manage the work load that you're given. Here's a few things that i do to help me stay organised and get the work done...

1) Write down each piece of work that you've been set //
Writing down the work means you can visually see what you have to do, and its easy to see when you've completed a bit of work by crossing it through.

2) Make sure you fully understand the work //
Whats the point in trying to attempt work that you don't understand? If you don't understand it ask your teacher or tutor to go over it again with you.

3) Know your deadlines //
I know from doing a BTEC course that its hard to upload your assignments by the deadlines as its easy to forget. Set reminders on your phone to make sure you remember. 

4) Share your workload out //
If you have a lot of work set, then make sure you are regularly doing it to get it done. For example, give yourself 2 hours every evening to do some work. (It may need to be more or less time).

5) Give yourself breaks //
I know from experience that i lose the will to live if i try to work for over half an hour in one go. Having regular breaks makes you feel refreshed and you'll get back to work in a better frame of mind

6) Have everything ready in front of you // 
Theres nothing more frustrating than getting comfortable and realising you've forgotten your calculator or notes or pen! Get everything ready before you begin.

7) Snacks //
Either eat in your breaks, or have food and drink next to you. This will give you energy to carry on working. Avoid drinks and food high in sugar because you will get a sudden rush and feel great and moments later you will feel tired and want to give up!

8) Sleeping pattern //
Having 8+ hours sleep a night is recommended - i try to have 9. Everyone deals with lack of sleep differently and i definitely need a lot of sleep to function. If I'm tired i don't want to do any work and i have no concentration. 

9) Gentle exercise //
Since high school my commitment to exercise has gone rapidly down hill. Doing gentle exercise in your breaks such as walking and stretching really helps you feel comfortable for when you sit down again.

10)  Days off //
No-one can work constantly. Everyone needs a break from school, college or uni work. Having days away from doing work can mean you return with better thoughts and ideas. It can also help you to feel refuelled.

Hope they help! Sophie x

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