Sunday, 14 April 2019

Urban Decay // Naked RELOADED

Its that time again, when Urban Decay bring out another 'Naked' palette. And of course, i apparently need them all! Im not sure if this is a collection, or an addiction at this stage. But whatever it is, I'm ok with it!

Urban Decay's newest addition to the Naked family is a very natural toned palette. There are lots of bronzey, nude and earthy toned colours. Its so wearable for every day use, which is another reason why i could justify purchasing this palette because i knew i would get loads of wear out of it. 

I have had this palette a few weeks now, and i have used every single shade, which is unusual for me to say about a palette. Usually theres at least 1, 2 or even more colours that i wouldn't ever use. But not with this pallet.

Theres a mixture of cool and warmer toned shades in the palette which makes it so diverse and wearable for all skin tones. It really is a beautiful palette.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Unboxing // GUCCI Key Case

 I have recently treated myself to the Gucci key case. I have the possibly unrealistic idea in my head that one day i will be the very proud owner of a gorgeous Gucci handbag. And with that in mind i had been thinking about other 'small leather goods' that would be useful to also have. 
When i treat myself to this ultimate gift i would definitely want to look after the handbag as much as possible. Which had me thinking about the fact of having keys in previous bags had actually damaged the lining before. I, of course, wouldn't want this to happen to a very expensive bag so i have tried to do the 'sensible' thing of purchasing a small coin purse and this key case in preparation. And, most importantly, i love it!!

Friday, 5 April 2019

BALAYAGE // Hair Transformation

Recently my hair underwent a big refresh ready for spring and summer.
My 'before' hair had the remainders of ombre/balayage from years prior. It was brassy and warm toned and NOT how i wanted it!
I asked for a cool toned balayage at the hairdressers, and i love the results.
The process took around 3 hours from start to finish, it took a lot of time and patience (mainly for the hairdresser).
My hair is naturally fairly warm toned, so my hair had to be lifted, coloured and toned to enable a cooler tone throughout my hair.
I kept my natural hair colour at my roots, so the hair dye was blended into my natural colour. Not all hairdressers agree to do it this way as its more difficult to get a good blend between shades, but as my roots were natural my hair lifted well and it wasn't as difficult to blend.

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Spring OOTD

A few weeks a go the sun made a slight appearance, so, of course i had to take full advantage.
After being wrapped up in jumpers and jeans for too long, i was a little too excited to wear something other than denim.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Heartboken & Moving On

Things have changed in my life recently in a way I never thought they would. Without going into detail I wanted to explain an important journey from self doubt to self love and how anything is possible with the right mind set. 

I was heartbroken and in a very low place and I have had to teach myself how to stand on my own two feet and be independent again. I have always believe that no one can love ‘you’ like you can love yourself. 

When your world comes crashing down it feels so impossible to ever see a light at the end of the tunnel and to ever feel true happiness again. Sadly in life things change and a smooth ride through life is never part of the deal, you never know what’s around the corner. It’s easy to say you should be strong and love yourself when you feel no self love. 

Time really is a healer and things will always look up again. 

We are our own worst enemies. We criticise ourselves more than anyone else every can and we put ourselves down a ridiculous amount. No one can control our feelings but ourselves. It’s so important to remember who you are, whether that’s a strong, kind or caring person.

Always concentrate on your good points and the good traits your friends and family remind you of. 

Surround yourself with people the truly believe in you and only want the best for you. These are the people that will help you along the journey from low to high. 

You will look back at extremely hard times and be so proud of yourself for over coming them and being an even stronger person. 

Believe in yourself for others to believe in you. 

Remember you are beautiful and strong. And no one can take that away from you. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Alcudia // Mallorca 2018

Here are some delayed photos from my trip to Majorca in October. This was a last minute break as i just really wanted to have a holiday before the summer sun was gone!

Friday, 11 January 2019

2018 Round Up!

2018 was an all round good year for me. Ive got some of my favourite photos or memories together from 2018 to try and show my year in images. 

We started the year in Australia as our 2 month travels came to a sad end.

Soon after i was home we had loads of snow! Slight change in climate for me...

I left my job and the most amazing people. I worked here for 3 years.

I celebrated my 21st Birthday in April.

Had a fun BBQ at the beach with some old work friends.

Had a 1 night stay at Fritton Arms.

Ate my first ever Five Guys and my god, it was amazing!

Treated myself to a Mulberry purse.

Baked lots of lemon drizzle cakes.

Took my Mum to Dunston Hall for the night for her Birthday. We stayed in the penthouse suite.

I went to Latitude for the first time and even saw Tanya Burr there!

I went tubing with my old work besties.

Booked a last minute holiday to Majorca. Much needed!

Baked a cake for my friends 30th birthday at work.

Made a pact with myself to have nice nails and treat myself to getting them done regularly.

Baked for Children In Need

Had a few Christmassy days in Milton Keynes & Bicester Village