Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Back on track

After feeling rubbish about how I looked for too long I decided to do something about it. This started when an alert came up on my phone saying I had 5 weeks until my holiday. I, of course wanted to feel good about myself in a bikini by the pool- so something needed to change.
I've always had an interest in nutrition. I am by all means no nutritionist but without sounded big headed I knew more about what I should and shouldn't be eating and what exercise would suit me than the average person.
I won't go into my diet plan in this post, but to keep it short and sweet I mostly cut out refined sugars, processed foods and nearly all carbohydrates.
For each gram of carbohydrates you eat, your body needs 4 grams of water to process it. Your body stores water for this process, so when you cut out carbohydrates fromyour diet - your body loses the water weight first, which is why you may see a quick drop in your weight at the start of your new food plan.
I lost a good amount of weight in the first 2 weeks, this wasn't something I should of been concerned about as I felt I had planned and prepared this new food and lifestyle change. I monitored my weight daily and kept a good plan to ensure I was eating enough.
By the time my holiday came around I felt good about my self. I was on holiday so of course I let myself eat ice cream and chips. But after just a day or so of eating like this I didn't feel as confident in myself again. There was so much beautiful and delicious food that I sometimes couldn't resist, but I also opted for a lot of fish and vegetables as the week went on.
Feeling like this on holiday made me realise a 'diet' isn't a quick fix. It's a way of life.
As soon as I got hime I was honestly excited for green smoothies again! I'm now so happy to be back on track and feel fully healthy and vibrant again. I would of course like to lose a little more weight. But I'm focusing more of feeding my body of fresh and healthy foods that my body needs. I listen to by body and if it craves a certain food that may not be the best for me, I will have it anyway, just in moderation. Keeping a good diary is so helpful and really keeps me on track.

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