Saturday, 5 March 2016

Monica Vinader - Rose Quartz Siren Stacking Ring

Ive all of a sudden wanted to own and wear rings...
Before now I've only ever owned cheap rings from h&m and after seeing every one go crazy for pandora rings, I decided I wanted a better quality and more special ring myself. I've had my eye on a ring by Monica Vinader for a while now but I couldn't justify spending £160 on a ring. I had another look on the website and saw one I also really liked for £80 which I thought was still expensive but more reasonable. I wanted a rose gold ring because the only other piece of rose gold jewellery I owned was a watch and I wear that almost every day. I wanted some of my jewellery to match because I'm not too keen on wearing mixed metal jewellery at the same time.  
I didn't know my size, so I had to guess and after ordering a size P I realised it was too big! I sent this back and requested a size O which would then apparently take 2 months to be delivered! However I guess this was just a guideline for when the ring would 100% be delivered by as I actually received it last week.

Im so impressed with the quality of the ring. Its so simple and delicate which I love. The rose quartz stone is so much more beautiful in real life, the cut of the stone catches the light from all different angles. 
The packaging which the ring was delivered in was also so beautiful. It came in a dark purple bag with a ribbon tie. My receipt was carefully folded and slipped inside a piece of card along side some details of how to look after the ring. It also included a band to measure the size of your fingers incase (like me the first time) you need to exchange the ring for a different size. I also love the fact that its a British company that is based very close to where I live, but they deliver globally! I cannot wait to order some more bits from the website very soon.


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  1. Gorgeous ring. Too bad it took so long to deliver.