Monday, 29 February 2016

New Camera

How do you take pictures of a new camera?

 I recently bought a new camera (and when i say new i mean 4 months ago). I initially bought it because i was going on holiday and didn't have a camera as mine broke a while before going away. I also wanted a new camera so i was able to take better blog photos without spending a fortune. After comparing a few models and brands i settled for the Cannon Ixus 160 2.0 MP Compact Digital 720p. One day i would love to have an amazing camera, but for now this is doing the job just fine. 

Below are a few non edited photos I've taken with this camera, I'm pretty impressed by it so far. The camera doesn't take too long to charge and lasts a long time. I was on holiday for a week, turning it on and off throughout the day and i didn't charge it once whilst i was away. Its really simple and easy to use and I've had no difficulty finding or doing something specific on the camera. The camera is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. 

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