Saturday, 21 November 2015

Gel nails - Pro's and Con's

If some of you read a post of mine a while ago then you would know i was debating on whether or not to buy a gel nail kit. So a month or so ago i bought the Bluesky UV lamp and gel nails starter kit. 
Now, before buying this kit for myself i had never done gel nails before or had them done professionally before. I also didn't do much research on them at all so i taught myself a lot of what i know about gel nails now. But originally, all i knew was that they latest much longer than normal nail polish so they seemed convenient to me.

  1. They can last up to 2 weeks
  2. They are much shinier
  3. Its easier for your nails to grow as it provides a hard shell on your nails so they are more protected and less likely to snap or chip
  4. You can achieve the same results that a salon can charge around £20 or more for a gel manicure
  5. They look as shiny and professional on day 9/10/11/...(etc) as they did on day 1

  1. If you manage to chip one nail and have the urge to peel it off, its not easy to 'just repaint' one nail
  2. Applying a fresh set of gel nails can take me up to an hour or more. (time consuming)
  3. You need to replenish a lot of the equipment you need fairly regularly. Including; base coat, top coat, alcohol wipes and possibly the bulbs in your UV nail lamp after a while
  4. (One that won't apply to everyone but..) the short lead on my UV lamp limits the places i can do my nails

If i think of anymore to add i will be updating the post.

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