Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Trip Down Makeup Memory Lane

Although I'm only 18 years old, i have had a passion for makeup for many years now. 

I bought a few makeup items from pocket money, but as soon as i got my first part time job and was earning a little bit of money, i chose to spend some of it on makeup.

Below i have added some of my Instagram photos from around 3/4 years ago of makeup. The quality of the photos are not great from a few years ago but gets slightly better as time passes! 
90% of the makeup shown i have bought with my own money. Some of the products shown are from Birthday and Christmas presents.

I had my eye on these brushes for so long and was so excited to get them for my birthday.

Even 3 years ago i had a lot of makeup!

MAC soon became my new obsession. I wanted to buy all the eyeshadow's in pan form to create my own palette.

I believe these are the presents i received on my 15th birthday. I would still be so happy with these now! Real techniques, Yankee candle & more MAC products!

I was so, so happy that my MAC lipstick collection was growing!

Me and my friend Alice went to France with her family. I would appreciate going to Sephora much more now! 

Looking back at this, i can't believe i had 3 MAC blushers 2 and a half years ago, i only have one more than that now!

I was pleased with the better quality of this picture after getting a new phone!

I had already been obsessed with makeup YouTubers for AGES now, and i finally got my hands on the Collection lasting perfection concealer! Still a favourite of mine now. Oh, and some black matte nail polish of course, for Halloween!

My MAC palette was coming along nicely! (I completed it today, 3 and a half years after i started it!)

I still love this style on my drawers, simplistic!

One more added!

A group picture for the MAC products! They seem to be growing quickly.

I caved in and bought all 3 at the same time, now the 4th one (Naked Smokey Palette) has released recently and I can't wait to get one.
3 more... 

These are still some of my favourite red lipsticks.

I ordered and relieved my MUJI storage after wanted it for so long.

More added! Second from the right on the bottom row is Cranberry, i love this eye shadow for autumn and winter.

One of my absolute favourite blushers, Benefit Rockateur

Some Christmas presents to myself....Oops

So beautiful and amazing to use.

My first Chanel product. A blusher from my brother for my 18th Birthday.

MAC soft and gentle highlighter. I dropped this on my carpet 2/3 days after getting this and it cracked! :-(

I bought myself the IKEA Alex 5 drawer.

My Mum and I went on holiday to Tenerife, so of course i couldn't resist the duty free.

So, so pleased with my collection and hope it doesn't stop growing!! Haha..

And today... I may of ordered a few things!!

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