Monday, 30 April 2018

Time Out - Fritton Arms

My self and my mum went on a spontaneous night away last Friday. 

We stayed at the Fritton Arms which is a luxe hotel in the middle of the countryside. It was very last minute and due to certain circumstances it wasn't planned, but it wasn't too far from home so we went for it. We took our dogs with us, and they were able to stay in our apartment as it was pet friendly. We didn't get much sleep because the dogs did really understand what was happening so they didn't keep still all night!

The apartment we stayed in had a single room, a double room, a bathroom and another room with a sofa in.

Its important to take time out of an everyday hectic lifestyle. Whether thats doing something you don't usually do, going on a spa day, enjoying an afternoon tea, making time for a coffee with a friend, or treating yourself to something like a night away.

Looking after your wellbeing and health is one of the most important things. No one else can look after that apart from yourself as you are the only one know truly knows how you are feeling on the inside. Even if you don't feel like you particularly need or deserve a treat or to do something you normally wouldn't, you could be surprised at how rejuvenated you feel after, and you could realise that maybe thats actually exactly what you needed. 

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