Monday, 1 May 2017

Sydney, Australia 2017

A couple of weeks ago i got back from a trip to Sydney Australia. This was my first long haul flight, which (apart from New Zealand) is about as far as we can travel from the UK, so i didn't ease myself into long haul flights! The flights were painfully long and boring, and even my last few days in Sydney before flying home; my mind was consumed with thoughts about the long flights that i was about to endure.
Sydney definitely wasn't what i expected. I had my own picture painted in my head before i visited and i imagined Sydney to be so grand and pristine. Whereas the truth is, the city is very similar to London or any other large city. The suburbs are beautiful, but again there are lots of areas that aren't so nice as well. I guess its like anywhere you go that has good and not so good areas in the same town/city. However i only think this picture had been painted in my head because of the massive hype there is around Sydney. It was a trip i will remember forever and i really did have a great time, but in all honesty i don't think i would visit Sydney again as i feel like I've 'done' it.
I visited in March and April 2017, which is their Autumn. I expected the weather to still be warm and for the sea water to have warmed up all Summer. But the weather was fairly rainy most days and for some reason the sea was so cold! 
Nevertheless, below are some pictures i took throughout my trip (minus the rainy day pictures!)


  1. So great to hear about your opinion of the country! If you ever go back to Australia, I definitely recommend that you go to Melbourne. There's so much to see here and a lot of history to visit! The weather is pretty crap but it's definitely worth it!! Let me know if you ever do!

    1. I would love to go to Melbourne, its been recommended a few times so hopefully ill get the chance to in the near future!
      Thank you xx