Monday, 13 July 2015

Clarins Bronzer

I mainly bought this because it looks so beautiful. 
However, once I received the product I soon realised it may be harder to use than I once thought. And I was right! 
As you can see the bronzer is split between 4 main shades in quarters around the pan of the bronzer. 
I have a medium skin tone and I find this difficult to use as it is very warm toned. The product appears very Orange on the skin meaning you have to have the perfect light, angle, mirror and hand stability to make this product look natural on the skin! Which isn't too good for me as I'm usually in a rush and want to quickly brush on a wash of colour to my cheeks. 
I only find that this product works if I use the tiniest amount on a very small brush so that I can precisely apply it exactly where I want the product. But for this I have to have time and patience (which comes to me rarely!!) 
I'm not too sure who I would recommended this product to, but I would definitely suggest anyone with a light skin tone to stay clear of this product! 

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