Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Learning to drive with the AA Driving School

I have recently passed my driving test!!

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A week ago today i was lucky enough to pass my driving test first time! I learnt to drive with the AA Driving School and i chose to learn with the AA because i knew of their good reputation. AA is a well know company for other services that it has as well - such as breakdown assistance. 
During driving I had two different instructors. I had my first instructor for nearly 4 months and i had my second instructor for nearly a month. I had to change instructors for a reason which wasn't my choice, but towards the end i started to enjoy my lessons more with my new instructor. I had a few lessons at the start of my driving experience in Lowestoft as i didn't get offered where i wanted to go. But a few weeks later when i got the choice i chose to further learn in Norwich as i previously wanted to learn in Norwich. And i knew once i passed i was 100% more likely to be driving around Norwich than Lowestoft so the experience driving in Norwich was a massive help. I passed within 5 months of learning to drive which some people think is a short amount of time, i think it depends on how committed you are and what the instructor is like.
I've had many different people say to me that certain places are easier or harder to learn but overall i personally think they are all similar.
I was lucky enough to pass my theory test first time as well which meant soon after i booked my practical test. I knew i wasn't quite ready to take my practical test, but as the waiting list was 9 weeks i had plenty of time to improve!
On my test my one manoeuvre i was asked to do was the 'turn in the road'. I also had to complete an emergency stop on my test and they ask around 1 in 3 people to do an emergency stop. 
I learnt to drive in a new Ford Fiesta which i quite enjoyed driving. One thing i didn't enjoy about driving it was that the gears were high. Now I've passed I'm driving a Vauxhall Corsa which is very different and is taking a lot of getting used to.
Overall i would recommend the AA Driving School (BSM - British School of Motoring is also owned by the AA). Booking 10 hours of their lessons in one go means they are slightly discounted as apposed to booking and hour or a two at a time. Hourly rate is currently £24.50 (October 2014).

Click here for a link to their website. 


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